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Giving Thanks | Happy Thanksgiving

In this season of thanks, we have many reasons to be grateful.

Our relationship with friends and clients like you is one of the reasons why we are so thankful, and there are so many more...

"I am thankful for so many things, but especially for my entire family including my grandchildren whose smiles can brighten any day. Always thankful to have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food on the table!" - Carol Morgan, CISR, Service Director and Certified Safety Director

"I am so thankful for my family, friends and coworkers, every day!" - Karen Gillmann, Claims Coordinator

"I am thankful for my children and my family. I am grateful for all I have been provided with and given, our home, my animals, and our health, Today, and every day, for the joy and grace that life brings." - Jennifer Fountain, Personal Insurance Agency Partner"I am thankful to have a loving family and a close-knit group of friends, I know not everyone gets to have that and I really treasure mine. I am also so thankful for my husband Vince who is my best friend and our son Teddy who makes me laugh every single day." - Rachael Galea, Business Insurance Agency Partner

"I feel very fortunate and am thankful for so many things, but mostly for my family and friends, especially my grandson, Raymond.  No matter how stressful things might, he can always make me smile." - Dianne Hoffman, Senior Account Manager

"This time of year always makes me thankful for my parents adopting me. They took me in and made a warm home for a boy stuck in foster care. No matter the arguments we get into, I know they care for me and I’ll never be thankful enough to have them." - Monir Bruckner, Information Technology Intern

"I am so thankful for my family, the best family I could ever want. My two little granddaughters are so sweet, I am so lucky!!! I recently saw a sign: Together We Have Everything! So true! And I also am thankful for my co-workers, I have made such good friends! Life is Beautiful!" - Kim DeEsch, Accounting & Payroll Specialist

"I’m thankful to finally get to spend the holidays with the love of my life after waiting 6 years." - Michael Harrill, Account Manager

"I'm blessed with a loving family and meaningful relationships. I'm grateful for great friends and co-workers, and the caring network of people in my life who are always there for me. I am fortunate for the opportunity to continue learning and loving, for the richness that my work, music and art bring into my life." - Jill Carletti, Design & Communications Director

"During the holidays I am always thankful for time to step away from the chaos of daily life. Time to reflect, to create sweet memories and surround myself with the love of my beautiful family and amazing friends." - Nicole Bolduc, Business Insurance Agency Partner

"I am thankful for the love and support that I receive from cherished family and friends. I am thankful to live in the United States, the freedom it affords me, and the people who defend it. I am also thankful that I have a new ‘home’ here at AMSkier." – Nicol Triano, Business Insurance Agency Partner

"There are so many things in life that I am thankful for.  Most importantly…my beautiful family, wonderful friends and my entire team at AMSkier.  I am truly blessed." - Gretchen Ruddy, Business Insurance Agency Partner

"I am thankful for my entire family, far and near, for friends, old and new, for my co-workers, who, no matter how busy work can be, will always make time to make each other smile." - Fili Schariest, Account Manager

"I’m thankful for the time that we have with loved ones.  Listen to stories of their adventures and remember, a hug goes a long way. " - Ann E. Cosgrove, CISR, Service Director

"At this special time of year, I am thankful and blessed to have my amazing husband, children and grandchildren to spend it with." - Mary Butler, CISR

"I am thankful for a loving and supporting family along with the opportunities I have been blessed with." - Julie Gardas, Personal Assistant

"I feel that I am blessed in every aspect of my life.  My family, my friends, and my work.  I am truly thankful." -  Kim Latsch, Agency Vice-President

"I am thankful for my entire family, and for the relationship I have with each one of them.  I am also very grateful for my health, and the warmth of my home." - Peggy Olson, CIC, CISR, Program Underwriting Manager


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