AMSkier stands in support of and in solidarity with those committed to equality for all. We care about inclusion, awareness, sensitivity to others, equality, love and support. We continue to help drive positive change so we can live in a world where we can end hate and discrimination, and live peacefully together with all human beings.


Summer Camp is our world. We eat, sleep and breathe it all year round. With over 80 years of experience, we go beyond insurance and become strategic partners for our Camp Clients. We build relationships and provide valuable resources help make camps safer and better. Find out how we can become your best friend in Summer Camp


Live, professional, personalized support and valuable guidance – that’s the AMSkier way. Since 1920, AMSkier has been insuring homes, boats, vehicles, fine jewelry, art and everything else of value in your life. At AMSkier, we make sure our clients are cared for. Learn how we can be there for you.


Your business is unique, and your insurance partner should be prepared to know it intimately. For more than 99 years, AMSkier has insured various businesses across the country, in every category imaginable. Learn how AMSkier can be an invaluable partner for your business.


At AMSkier, we’re proud of recent projects we produced with local school districts and camp professionals called Timely Talk and We Have Found Balance, where camp leaders, local students, teachers, and parents address the issues facing kids today.