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Personal Insurance


Since 1920, AMSkier has developed a first-class personal insurance program, insuring homes, vehicles, boats, jewelry, recreational vehicles and just about anything else of value that you have and want to protect. Licensed in states across the country, AMSkier has earned a national reputation for personal insurance. We are committed to excellence in insuring primary homes, secondary homes, and specialty vehicles and just about anything else. AMSkier prides itself on being able to find the best way to insure both the every day and more challenging opportunities.

The personal relationships that our caring insurance professionals develop with our clients is what makes our connection with you special. Whether a client calls on the phone or walks through our front doors in charming Hawley, Pennsylvania, AMSkier gives special attention to each individual and always aims to exceed the client’s expectations. We’re proud to create relationships and friendships that last for many years.

Homeowners Insurance

Make life easy and insure your home with us. We write homeowners in 40+ states, whether it’s your primary, secondary or vacation home.

Rental Insurance

Whether you are renting or a landlord, it’s important to make sure your possessions are covered. We make sure you have what you need.

Wedding Insurance

The last thing you need to worry about is losing money due to bad weather, injuries or illness at your wedding. Our special policy covers you for unforeseeable accidents and problems.

Watercraft Insurance

Own a boat, yacht or wave runner? Love spending time on the water? Own any type of watercraft? We can write it! Learn what we can do for you!

Auto Insurance

We write Auto policies in most states across the country. Even if you don’t have a perfect record, or are adding a young driver, we can help!

Trip Insurance

Traveling? Protect yourself and the investment in your trip in the event it’s canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, in case you need to evacuate, were delayed, lost your baggage, or experienced other covered hardships. 

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