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Celebrate Hawley

Celebrate Hawley

Paint The Town

Since 1920, we at AMSkier Insurance have valued and appreciated the arts in our community and region. In celebration of our 99th year in business, and as a token of our appreciation for local artists, we announced a Call for Art in coordination with The Wayne County Arts Alliance. This past spring 2019, dozens of artists submitted beautiful pieces of artwork to be displayed as a high-resolution vinyl billboard mounted to the side of our building. We called in friends, artists and business owners from the area to help us select the featured artwork to be displayed. After much consideration, we’re proud to announce that “Moo” by local artist, Ula Nero is now mounted on our wall facing Bingham Park from Main Avenue.


About The Artist: Ula Nero

Classically trained in Poland, Ula focuses on the visual arts drawing inspiration from the world around her. New inspirations include brightly colored abstract funky animal portraits, and vivid and loose landscapes.

Ula Nero Art uses mediums such as acrylics, colored pencils, pastels and mixed media. Brushes and pencils aside Nero physically manipulates the medium with her hands, sponges, and knives.

Ula Nero Art is also available for commission.

High-quality prints available upon request.

Ula can be found at and on social media where she posts and updates on a regular basis at:

Facebook: Ulanero Art

Instagram: @ulaneroart

Or contact:


Since so many fantastic pieces of artwork were submitted, and choosing just one piece for our wall was a challenge, a seasonal outdoor art gallery will be incorporated into the Harmony In The Woods performing arts site and long-term commitment to the arts in our region, imagined and founded by Henry Skier. Concepts of this outdoor art gallery are currently under way and will feature local and regional artists work.