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National Safety Awareness Month – Be Prepared

June is National Safety Awareness month and it also marks the beginning of summer storm season. In light of this, we hope to provide you with 3 steps for disaster preparedness. 3 Steps for Disaster Preparedness 1. Create a survival kit In creating a survival kit, think about what you would need if you were […]
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Group Cancellation Business Practices

Solid business practice requires that we plan for the unexpected, but who could have predicted that for the past three autumn seasons businesses that earn income from hosting outside groups would suffer from devastating yet disparate events. These included a hurricane that ravaged the northeast, a government shutdown that affected businesses in or near national […]
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Spring Cleaning With Karen

Enjoying great weather is a breeze, but our Karen Weaver knows it’s even easier when our homes are in tip-top shape! Karen is an artistic, DIYer with a flair for making you feel right at home. Take a few Spring Cleaning & Organization tips from Karen for your best Spring yet! 1. Open the windows […]
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Outdoor Winter Activities With Your Dog

Agency Assistant Vice President, Suzanne Capurso loves spending time with her dogs and we bet you do too. But what are fun things to do with your dog in the winter? Bundle up and get outside! You will be amazed how fast time flies when you’re out having fun with your dog, even when it’s cold […]
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5 Heating Myths Busted

Have you believed any of these myths? Knowing the facts will help you stay warm efficiently!   Myth #1: Turning off the heat in your home during the day is the best way to conserve energy. Fact: Reheating your living space after turning off the heat can actually be more expensive than lowering the temperature of your […]
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