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Insuring Valuable Gifts

How To Care For Valuable Gifts

Insuring Valuable GiftsGift giving is a cherished and well-loved tradition throughout the holiday season. Giving an indulgent gift for a loved one can be especially rewarding. Beautiful jewelry and sought-after technology are among the most popular types of gifts we give to each other. They are also among the most expensive.

If you receive a special piece of jewelry or a fancy electronic device, it’s important to contact your insurance agent to see if you have enough coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Very valuable items may push past the specified limits on your homeowner’s policy. In this case, your gift may need to be covered under a “rider” or “floater’ policy. A rider or floater will provide the additional coverage for items that exceed the limits of your current policy.

It’s also always a good idea to get your gifts appraised first because your premiums will be based on that amount. Make sure to keep the appraisal document, as well as the receipt for the purchase, with your insurance policy and other vital documentation.

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