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The Right Travel Insurance Planstravel

AMSkier is built for travelers to find the right travel insurance plan for their next trip. We offer tons of plans that you can use. The plans fall into five primary groups: comprehensive, travel health insurance, emergency evacuation, Schengen visa, and accidental death. Each plan type has a unique mixture of benefits; below you’ll find more details on the plan types to help you determine which is the right plan for your trip.

⦁ Protect your trip from cancellation, interruption, delay and medical benefits.
⦁ Stay healthy while abroad with travel medical insurance for emergencies.
⦁ Be transported to an appropriate facility if ill or injured while traveling away from home.
Schengen Visa
⦁ Required for a U.S. resident, non-citizen traveling to a Schengen country.
Accidental Death
⦁ Protection similar to life insurance for death or dismemberment while traveling.
⦁ Cover 10 or more travelers on one plan for ease of taking a trip together.

How Much Is Travel Insurance?
The cost of travel insurance varies depending on how long it is, the age of the people traveling, and the destination.
Trip Cancellation vs. Cancel for Any Reason
Be sure that you know the diference.
Who is Covered in My Travel Insurance Plan?
You bought the travel insurance plan, but who else does it cover? Find out more about the inclusions of travelers and non-travelers on your policy.