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Peace Of Mind Insurance


Peace-Of-Mind Insurance


You plan on sending your child to summer camp, and you’re ready to enroll and make the initial deposit, but a few concerns cross your mind: “What if my child’s personal belongings go missing? What if we are delayed getting to camp? What if my child’s pre-existing medical condition worsens before he/she starts camp?

In order to help protect your investment in your child’s summer camp experience, AMSkier is pleased to offer Peace-of-Mind Insurance. Sometimes, the unexpected occurs and your summer camp’s policy does not allow reimbursements or enrollment transfers for the reason you need to cancel. In this case, you would need Peace-of-Mind Insurance.


What Does Peace of Mind Pay For?

The primary purpose is to reimburse you for the unused, non-refundable tuition for your camper who cannot attend camp or must leave camp early. The most common reasons are an unforeseen illness/injury (including Covid-19) to your camper or an immediate family member or the death of family member.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Peace of Mind plan for your camper, please contact us. We can help suggest the best plan for you and we’ll get you all set up.


Some items included in our plans:

  • Coverage for Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage if a camper can’t attend camp due to being sick with Covid-19
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay


Reasons for Peace-of-Mind Insurance:

  1. Parent(s) loses their job
  2. Child gets illness before camp season (including COVID-19)
  3. Travel and or baggage delays getting to camp
  4. Family is forced to move due to a parent, or both, getting a new job
  5. Child is injured or gets sick while at camp
  6. A disaster – terrorism, fire, earthquake, hurricane etc. near camp or child’s residence
  7. School year is extended and child needs to miss the beginning of camp

* If Camp chooses not to or is not permitted to operate, Peace of Mind insurance would not apply and premium would be refunded or rolled over. *


Here are some options to consider:

To sign up and register your camper for a Peace of Mind plan, please contact us at
If you are a camp that is interested in offering Peace of Mind Insurance to your Camp Families, please contact us at

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