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Make Your Camp Safer…Here’s How!

– Introducing the Staffer Index

This valuable and easy-to-use background check tool helps Camp Directors keep it up-to-date with basic employment information on staff members. This allows Camp Directors to verify staff employment in the future.

Offered by AMSkier, the Staffer Index is:

• Easy to use• Proven to keep unsafe people out of camps• Designed by camping and staffing experts• Updated by your colleagues – Camp Directors across the country• Available to use at NO COST to AMSkier Camps

Are you an existing user?

If you didn’t do it yet, please upload your staff lists from last and previous years. The more lists we get, the better the Staffer Index will be as a reference tool for you.

To access, go to Members Only website:

staffer_indexLocated at:

After you log in, go to “Staffer Index” under “Bright Ideas” tab. Please follow the uploading instructions.

If you have any questions or need help with logging in, please contact our Service Directors at 570.226.4571.

The Staffer Index, our “in house” completely free listing of all camp employees helped the state police track and arrest a predator.

Norman Friedman, M.Ed. – Executive Director, AMSkier Partners

The Staffer Index has proven to be a valuable tool in helping camp directors identify and prevent sexual predators from working at their camps.

Gary Kimball, M.S. – Camp-ALERT Network, Executive Director

Staffer Index is a simple and effective way to identify unwanted employees before they set foot on your camp.

Alan Cooper, Esquire – AMSkier General Counsel, Claims Director