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Snowmobiling – You’re Not Invincible

Snowmobiling – You’re Not Invincible

snowmobile_isntaThere’s nothing quite like snowmobiling. Roaring through the freezing cold in a snowy winter landscape on a powerful machine makes drivers feel invincible. The spirit of adventure and challenge found on a snowmobile is riveting, but the thrill may end in a lot of pain or worse.

There are stories upon stories of close calls and deaths as a result of snowmobiling accidents. In many of these stories, it’s clear that the worst could have been prevented if some precautions were taken. Make sure to stay safe and warm by implementing these five tips into your snowmobiling routine.

  1. Be familiar with the area.
    Before riding, take some time to learn about your location. Identify potential hazards like frozen lakes, fallen trees, rocks, and other objects hidden beneath the snow.
  2. Maximize visibility.
    Heavy snowfall can greatly decrease visibility, especially at night. Wear glasses or goggles and make sure that your headlights are functioning. Remember that the headlights of other riders can be blinding, so always drive cautiously at night.
  3. Dress to stay warm and dry.
    A helmet, mask, jacket, gloves, boots and tall socks are necessary for spending hours outside. Be strategic and find gear that is water and windproof, and avoid cotton and other clothing materials that retain moisture.
  4. Carry a repair kit and other gear.
    Be prepared for the unexpected with a kit that contains spark plugs, tow rope, and other tools. A cell phone and first aid kit are also essential, and a flashlight, map and extra pairs of socks and gloves may come in handy.
  5. Go out with other riders.
    Don’t be a lone wolf. You’re always safer sharing the experience with other experienced riders. Before heading out, it’s always important to let friends or family know where you are going, how long you expect to be out, and anything else you’re planning.

Don’t let carelessness and unpreparedness ruin your fun this winter. Putting these tips into practice will help you to be prepared, prevent accidents, and make the most of your snowmobiling experience!

Having an uninsured snowmobile can also ruin your winter fun. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your snowmobile or similar.

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