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11 Tips for Fireworks Safety

11 Tips for Fireworks SafetyThe 4th of July is certainly a favorite summer holiday among children and adults all over the USA. The spectacle, the colors, the fanfare and the adventure of sitting under the stars while watching bright, beautiful explosions in the sky is enough to put anyone in awe. Unfortunately, the thrill of fireworks can be quickly dampened by accidents. According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission, “230 people on average go the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday.”

To prevent injury, please follow the safety tips below from The Consumer Products Safety Commission:

  •        Do not allow young children to set off or handle fireworks.
  •        Fireworks that are packaged in brown paper are meant for professional use. Do not purchase or use these fireworks unless you are a professional.
  •        Sparklers can reach 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Most adults believe sparkle are safe for children to play with, but young children suffer serious injury from these fireworks. Adults must always supervise young children playing with sparklers.
  •        After lighting a firework, back-up immediately! Never leave your body hovering over lit fireworks.
  •        If a firework did not go off after being lit, do not try to relight it.
  •        Never point or throw fireworks, whether they are lit or unlit, at another person.
  •        Make sure water is nearby in case of a mistake. Water should be within reaching distance in the form of a water bucket or water hose.
  •        Never light more than one firework at a time.
  •        Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.
  •        Soak all used fireworks in water before disposing of them.
  •        Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them.

At AMSkier Insurance, we hope you have a fun, safe and very happy 4th of July holiday. For more information about us or our insurance, browse our website or feel free to give us a call at (570) 226-4571.

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